For Selena And Sin - Biography



The story of For Selena and Sin begins in 2004. Two gentlemen, Pasi and Teemu, had the idea to create more calm, more emotional, more pop/rock influenced music than what they'd ever done before. Now it was time to make it happen and For Selena and Sin was born.

The second step was to find other musicians to complete the line-up. It didn't take long for Teme to join on keyboards and Kuha to get behind the drumkit. The guitar was picked up by Mika and Sini gave the needed element of female vocals to the group to complete the line-up...

The third step was to compose and arrange songs and in Autumn 2005 the band entered Arttu Sarvanne's Studio Watercastle to record the demo "Draining". The 3-song demo was a collection of hope and despair and got raving reviews. The potential of the young band was noticed by Mascot Records and signed the band. It couldn't have been a better start for For Selena and Sin.

The band was excited to release their first album and started working on new songs. In the process singer Sini left the band and Annika, with a talented beautiful voice, stepped in with enthusiasm. In the Autumn of 2006 the band entered Studio Watercastle to record the debut album entitled Overdosed On You. It took almost half a year of determination to finish the 10 songs.

Year 2009 saw For Selena and Sin head to Studio Underground in Västerås, Sweden, to record their second album Primrose Path. Collaboration with producer Pelle Saether brought up a more energetic and diverse side of For Selena and Sin. The new masterpiece features 12 catchy songs, including Kylie Minoque cover song Confide in Me.