ADX - Biography




ADX is a french band which was formed in 1982.

The first demo was recorded in 1984, then the band was signed on Devil's Records and in April 1985 the album "Exécution" was released.

In 1986, the band was signed on Sydney Production and releases a new album, entitled "La Terreur".

After the studio album "Suprématie" and the live album "Exécution publique", ADX was signed on the German label Noise in 1989. Then the band releases its first album in English, entitled "Wreid Visions". After the release, ADX stops its collaboration with Noise and was disbanded in 1992.

In 1998, ADX was reformed for some shows in France, and 8 months later, the band entered at "Studio Du Val" to record a new album entitled "Résurrection". Then the band stops all its activities.

The band was back after 7 years with a reformation show at Montereau in October 2006. The next show, on 7 January 2007 at "La Locomotive" (Paris) marks the 25th anniversary of the band.

Then , in 2008, the band releases a new album, entitled "Division Blindée".