Fall Of The Idols - Biography



Fall of the Idols was born from the death throes of Adder in Tornio, a small and grim town in northern Finland in the end of the year 2000 A.D. The band had then three members; drummer Jyrki Hakomäki, bassist Vesa Karppinen and guitarist Tommi Turunen. After a few rehearsals the trio realized that their music had evolved from Adder's punk-y rockmetal into darker and heavier form of musical expression - a twisted and fairly unique form of epic doom metal. ::Fall of the Idols recorded their first three-track "Per Aspera Ad Aspera"-demo in June 2001 at their rehearsal studio WaPi, and the vocal duties were handled by mister Karppinen. The demo was sent to few places and it got some cautiously positive comments. ::The second demo, named "Demo2002" was recorded periodically between February and June 2002 while Mister Hakomäki provided the vocal duties. The demo was sent to numerous places and it got some really positive comments here 'n there. After the release of "Demo2002" it was obvious that if the band is ever going to play gigs the line-up has to be expanded because the arrangements are impossible to perform with one guitar so old friend of the band, guitarist Rami Moilanen joined the ranks in November 2002. The line-up was finally completed when vocalist Panu Paunonen joined the band in January 2003.

The recordings for Fall of the Idols' debut EP begun in April 2003, and the five-tracker was finally released by the band on Friday, 13th of February 2004. ::The selftitled EP recieved really good reviews worldwide and it was distributed to the unsuspective masses by psycheDOOMelic records in Austria and Hellride Music in USA. Though the response was very positive in international doom scene the band unfortunately failed to secure themselves a proper recording deal. Fall of the Idols played a couple of shows during the spring 2004 and begun to work with new material for another demo, for which the recording sessions begun in July 2004. In September 2004 Fall of the Idols was joined by third guitarist Jouni Sihvonen. Third guitar was added to enhance the bands sound especially in the live situation. At the same time belgian label Final Chapter Records released Burnt from the EP as part of their A Dark World-compilation which featured some of the best unsigned acts from the international doom metal scene.

In November 2004 while the demo was still in the works vocalist Panu Paunonen decided to leave the band because of geographical distance between himself and the rest of the band. The departure happened in friendly terms and drummer Jyrki Hakomäki was summoned to deliver the vocals for the demo. The demo was finished in the end of January 2005, almost excatly a year later of the release of bands debut EP. The demo got very good reception and in the same month drummer Hannu Weckman joined the band to help band in live situation. During the spring 2005 the band rehearsed writing new material and during summer 2005 the band did 2 gigs and recorded their fifth demo, entitled "The Pathway" which was released on 13th of October 2005. ::Immediately after the release of "The Pathway" the band signed a record deal with swedish I Hate Records and a debut album is going to be released during the summer 2006.

In April 2006 the band made a brief tour with their labelmates Centurions Ghost in Holland and Germany. "Womb of the Earth", the debut album (with design and artwork by none other but Albert Witchfinder of Reverend Bizarre) was released in July 2006. ::The band played a handful of gigs in 2006 before starting to write the second album in early 2007. The band kept low profile most of the year 2007 writing, rehearsing and recording their second album, entitled The Séance. Being even more tormented, twisted and unrelentlessly heavy The Séance was finished in late 2007. Mr Hynninen was once more summoned to create he album's artwork and on 29th of February I Hate Records will unleash The Séance to unsuspective public. ::As a relentless bleak force of heaviness the band marches towards the unknown...

(Source: www.myspace.com/falloftheidols)