Trimonium - Biography



Trimonium was founded in 1998 by Teutonnic and Dolch, after they decided to stop the activities in their old band called "Blutrausch" and to play a more aggressive kind of metal as before.

After one year of rehearsing they have been completed by a bass player and a drummer, which brought the missing link, to be a completed union.

First live shows followed (Desaster, Ragnarök, Satanic Slaughter, Enthroned)

After publication of the Demo "Fight for the clan" in 2000, the band signed a contract under Folter Records.
In 2002 they have been on their first club tour with the German metal-heroes Desaster.

During that live activities, Trimonium published their first both albums "Of warriors and heroism" in 2001 and "Blow the horns" in 2003.

Additional the band has played twice at the Open Hell festival in Czech Republic and at Germanys "Under the black sun" 2001/2002.
In 2003 they have been on a small club tour with Watain (SWE) and Salacious Gods(HOL).

In 2004 they visited "Kaltenbach Open Air" in Austria and some shows in Belgium, Switzerland and Holland followed.

With the beginning of 2004 the band realized one of their biggest experiences -as they went on their first European tour with Skyforger(Lat) and Menhir(Ger).

In 2005 they entered the stage at the young "Hells pleasure Open Air"+" Under the black sun" again and also played some international club gigs during the year.

During 2006 they created the 3rd full length and latest album.
"Son of a blizzard". After they left the studio the new bass player Mosha joined the band.
But it was a short cooperation. Due to some different reasons the band decided to join Blaze as replacement.

In early 2007, after 6 years of cooperation with Folter Records, the band entered a new way.
Actually Trimonium signed under "Einheit-Produktionen", where "Son of a blizzard" was released.
In October 2007 the latest output, a split 7"Pic. EP with Plagued, was released as a limited version.

Up from now the planning for the next tour in April 2008 is in a hot phase. We are glad to announce Menhir as brothers in league again.
A third band will be found very soon.