Heidevolk - Biography



Some good cheeses, some nice-looking windmills, fancy wooden shoes, and winning the European football cup back in 1988… is that really all a Dutchman can be proud of?

In the summer of 2002, six young men from the Dutch province of Gelderland who had been digging for their roots decided to show the world there's more to their heritage! Sharing a common desire to create music that would express their passion for nature, Germanic mythology, folklore and the history of Gelderland, they joined forces and thus Heidevolk ("folk of the heath land") was born.

The music of Heidevolk can best be described as pounding metal combined with epic and melodic folk music. The band features two clean vocalists and incorporates folk instruments such as mouth harp, violin, and blowing horns in its songs. Since language is the vehicle of the mind, Heidevolk conveys its thoughts in their purest and most authentic way: their native tongue.

Their unquenchable thirst is matched only by their hunger to play live, and as soon as their repertoire permitted, they took to the stage. Swords, shields and their attire create a medieval atmosphere on stage, and over the years, the band has established a name for itself as being a very energetic and entertaining live act. Their campaigns have taken them to Belgium, France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Luxembourg, Switzerland, and of course the Netherlands. Heidevolk has opened for bands as diverse as Nile and In Extremo, and supported Kampfar on the final leg of their "Ravnferd" tour in 2006.

In 2005, Heidevolk released the MCD "Het Gelders volkslied", soon followed by the self-financed debut "De strijdlust is geboren". In 2007 the "Wodan heerst" Digi-MCD was released as a prelude to their upcoming second full-length, which will be released through Napalm Records.

On the new album, titled "Walhalla Wacht", Heidevolk's music has evolved with more diverse vocals and guitar parts, while deepening the folk element.

With a very distinct sound and an eagerness to deliver a good show, Heidevolk has proven to be a force to be reckoned with...

In their veins flows the blood of their Frisian, Frankish, and Saxon ancestors. In their hearts they carry the love for Gelderland, nature and history. In their minds lives the ancient pagan spirit…