Majestic - Biography


MAJESTIC was formed by Richard Andersson under the name of LAB RAT. He started writing songs with focus on strong melodies and heavy guitar riffs with turbo-charged solo parts. Richard called up some old friends and the line-up was completed with Joel Lindér (drums), Martin Wezowski (bass) and Jonas Blum (vocals). One month later the recordings took place.

The debut album "Abstract Symphony" was recorded during November, December 1998 and was released worldwide by Massacre Records (Europe, except France - released by NTS Records), Toshiba/EMI (Japan) and NEMS (South America, Mexico). This neo-classical metal album received tremendous attention worldwide and achieved excellent reviews (Aardshock, Force, Powerplay, Metallium, Spin City etc.). 7 out of 7 in Metal Hammer (Germany). 9,5 out of 10 in Metal Heart among others.

Afterwards MAJESTIC joined Pretty Maids on their European tour in 1999. According to Richard it was a great experience to perform live with this kind of music. During the summer of 1999, discussions about the future and the new material lead to a split of most of the members. However, during the autumn of 1999 Richard started his writing process and at the same time he was looking for a new line-up. One month later, everything was set with Magnus Nordh (guitars), Peter Wildoer (drums) and ex-Faith Taboo singer Apollo (vocals) and of course Martin Wezowski (bass) and if you listen to the new album you can just congratulate Richard to his decisions.

In late autumn the recordings took place, and the album "Trinity Overture" was completed in January 2000. This second album is just genius; melodies like Rainbow at their best, high-speed solos that would honour every Yngwie Malmsteen album and a sound that kicks ass! At Massacre Records the first listen led to sheer surprise and enthusiasm. Ten neo-classical metal highlights with a band that will surely make it to the top!!! This album is so well written and well played that it will satisfy every metal freak. The album is also released as a limited digipak-edition with a bonus MAJESTIC-screensaver (Europe only). The Japanese release will include one bonus track (Cadenza No1 A-minor) as well as a MAJESTIC sticker for the 10 000 first buyers.

Richard did also spend a couple of weeks with Yngwie Malmsteen in Miami. Due to the fact that Richard was busy with MAJESTIC he had to turn Yngwie down according to the job in Rising Force. But maybe in the future!

MAJESTIC also recorded their first video, on the song "Voodoo Treasure"

MAJESTIC are the forerunners of the New wave of Swedish heavy metal, which will find the way back to the success of the Eighties Swedish heroes like Europe and Yngwie Malmsteen.