Arise - Biography


Logo on album "The Godly Work Of Art", "Kings Of A Cloned Generation" and "The Beautiful New World"


Chapter I
This band was formed by Daniel Bugno and Patrik Skoglöw 1996 in Alingsås, which is a small town 45 kilometers from Gothenburg, Sweden. It was all started out as a cover-band as we could hardly handle our instruments at that time. So doing covers of our favourite bands made us learn how to use them helpfully. We were much into bands like Machine Head, Pantera - and of course Sepultura meant a lot to us. After trying some friends for the vocals and guitars the first real setting became: Daniel - drums, Patrik - bass, Erik - guitar, L-G - lead guitar and Björn - vocals.

This lasted for about a year and while we started to write our very first own songs Björn grew tired of singing and left Arise. Erik wanted to try out the vocals, and it worked out all fine! By now bands like Dark Tranquillity, Hypocrisy, Carcass, At The Gates and In Flames started to get our intention and as Erik possessed a more harch voice than Björn did the music came to be heavily influenced by the Scandinavian Death/Thrash-metal. Two cassette demos were recorded 98-99, but did never get that much of attention as the CD were a better alternative. Therefore we decided at spring -00 to go into Los Angered studios with Andy LaRocque (Death, King Diamond) as a producer/engineer and record our first professional made demo entitled "Abducted Intelligence". Later that year we finally got a positive answer from Spinefarm records and signed a deal consisting of three albums.

Chapter II
The first full-length, entitled "The Godly Work Of Art" was recorded during May -01 in Studio Mega with Christian "Bullen" Silver (Cemetary) as engineer and it was Niklas Sundin of Dark Tranquillity who made the stunning artwork. It was released during September/October the same year and the album received very good response and won the sound check in the Swedish metal magazine Close Up #49.

We got nominated for best Swedish metal-album by a radio show called Radio Rocket in Stockholm and ended up at place 49 of the best albums released -01 in the biggest Swedish newspaper Aftonbladet. In September we flew to Helsinki for a performance at Spinefarm´s own festival Spine-fest. Everything seemed insane to us with all attention and Spinefarm did even negotiate for license deals with Nuclear Blast in Europe and Toy´s Factory in Japan, but somehow they couldn´t come to an agreement and the whole thing burst.

In September -02 we once again entered Studio Mega for the recordings of the second album "Kings Of The Cloned Generation" (artwork again by N. Sundin). It was released during our European tour with Vader, Deranged and Arkhon Infaustus April/May -03, and we´ll remember a whole lot of people telling us that we were the best act along with Vader on that tour. Back home again we started to work with a Swedish booking agency called Skrikhult, who have done a lot for us.

For example they got us a lot of festival gigs and we performed at their own festival Gates Of Metal along with bands such as Morbid Angel, Meshuggah, Sentenced, Finntroll and Within Temptation. We also made a trip to Helsinki again for another Spine-fest, which were held at Nosturi this time. The place were sold out for two nights in a row and we have our finest live-memory from here. Imagine a full consert hall screaming: "Sweden! Sweden! Sweden!" between each song. Without a doubt a great moment in the Arise history!

"The Beautiful New World" became the name of our third album and is also considered as the best one so far. It was recorded in the new Studio Mega during three weeks in September -04. This time we were more prepared of what was to come when recording an album, since the two earlier ones and along with Studio Mega gotten new equipment it gave us a very heavily, clean sounding album. And now we decided to try out a new guy - Mattias at Progart, for the layout as Niklas had so much to do with all gigs and tours with Dark Tranquillity.

It turned out great and we´re really satisfied with that one! The bad thing was that even though we got amazing reviews and being warming up or Morbid Angel in Sweden ( 3 dates) we got lame support from Spinefarm. All of this because Ewo, who signed us from the beginning, quit working at Spinefarm late -04 to concentrate at his new job as manager for Nightwish. Instead we got a new guy to work with who didn´t like our music at all and even though it was our finest album it didn´t happen a shit. This may have finally triggered the infected conflict which had been growing in the band since the release of "Kings..."

....On December 15th -05 Daniel and L-G came to the decision of firing Patrik and Erik from Arise. This was a result of long-time argues and different opinions - not only about the music, but everything about the band in general. For those who wants to read more about the breaking-up with the two former members can read it here.

Sunday the 18th of December became the day when the new Arise made it´s first rehearsal. The new members are: Patzy - vocals, Sternberg - guitar and Kai - bass. Everything is now working excellent within the band and everyone is very, very motivated. And that is something we proved the 13th of Februari -06 in Falkenberg - Sweden, where our first official performance with the new line-up took place. Right now we are working hard with the new material and getting gigs to unveil for you the new Arise - this is how it all was meant to be!