Flagitious Idiosyncrasy In The Dilapidation - Biography



Flagitious Idiosyncrasy In The Dilapidation or simply F.I.D. hails from Tokyo Japan. The band members consist of Makiko on vocals, Kyoko on guitars, Kanako on bass, and Tomoko on drums. The band has recorded two demos. One in 2004 and another recording session in 2005. In 2008, they recorded their first full-length selftitled CD.

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In the summer of 2002, Kyoko, Tomoko, and Makiko assembled under the Kyoko's ambition to form all female grind core band. Each had the experience of playing in extreme music bands with men as that Kyoko played in a technical death metal band called Mortal Gaze, Tomoko in God of Grind, old school grindcore, and Makiko in Tremendous Terror, Gore grind. It yield strong musical influence over, however, taking macho attitude which was considered to be the standard in the bands was not very comfortable for them. Everyone agreed on the answer to enjoy playing the favorite music in the easy way is playing with girls.
After Noriko (from Reexamine) joined the band as a bassist, F.I.D started playing gigs. Usually, F.I.D plays in Tokyo with grind core and death metal bands such as Die You Bastard and Defiled. Also, probably a memorable gig for its madness could be the gig with Dead Infection in 2003.

F.I.D has not released many materials yet. Two demos were recorded in 2003, but they were only for promotion use. Only one tune released ever is "Dusted Ratina" on Horror Hives by Razorback records. Noriko left in 2006, and Kanako joined F.I.D now. F.I.D with this new bassist is recording material for the full album released by BLP

(source: here)