Girugämesh - Biography


Girugämesh is a 4-piece band with members Satoshi, Nii, Shuu and Яyo. Formed in 2004 and spent their first years performing live around their native Chiba prefecture. Their sound is an evolution of western loud music and nu-metal styles. In particular, they are well-reviewed in Europe and play large festivals.

Girugämesh has experienced three European tours, and went on a U.S. tour in 2011. They disappeared from the spotlight after the performance at Hibiya Open-Air Concert Hall in October, 2012. However, they came back to the stage and released the single Incomplete and 6th album Monster in 2013.

Their first best album Live Best including essential tracks for live performance that remixed to new sounds was released in 2014. The combination of various music factors is absolutely overwhelming! Also, great start for Girugämesh's 10th anniversary year.

From May through June 2014, they succeeded in touring Europe (8 countries, 13 performances) again, and most shows were sold out. Don't take your eyes off their awesome and polymorphous sound!