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Black Succubi - Biography


Black Succubi is a Copenhagen based Scandinavian melodic metal act by present and former members of IronFire, Fate, Sons of Tomorrow, PitchBlack, Crafted and Symbolic. The band's self titled debut album was released worldwide through digital downloading on iTunes in July 2008.

Preview copies of the album and it's earlier pre-recordings have made numerous and very positive reviews from internet webzines all over the world, spanning across Scandinavia, USA, Australia, Holland, Greece, Israel and others. Close friends of the band; Hank Shermann (Mercyful Fate, Force of Evil), Kirk Backarach (IronFire) and Rachelle Ramm have contributed with special guests appearances on several songs.

The band's official MySpace site has reached more than 18.000 plays and nearly 30.000 views since it's launch in July 2006. In June 2008, Black Succubi signed with Two Side Moon Promotion in UK to promote the debut album to the British audience. Agencies for Scandinavia and the rest of Europe are being considered with an emphasis on tour support and live shows in 2008/2009.

Black Succubi was formed in Copenhagen, Denmark in 2005 with a back-to-the-roots agenda of composing and performing the essence of hard and heavy rock'n'roll: Crushing guitars, thundering drums, pounding bass and powerful vocals supported by catchy harmonies and bluesy guitar solos. The five members of Black Succubi trusts the music on their debut album to be a grooving and efficient mix of heavy riffing and melodic hard rock hooklines.