Resurrection - Biography



It was April of 1990. Guitarist John Astl, guitarist Charles Haines, bassist David Scott, and drummer Steve Pate, were unhappy with their previous bands. Through mutual contact thus decided to put together a new band and Resurrection was formed. Only one problem existed: who would fit in and be able to handle the vocal duties. Enter Paul DeGolyer who's vocal stlye and powerful rawness was what the band was looking for to compliment the musical brutality. It was July 1990 and RESURRECTION was Born.

RESURRECTION began writing and touring regionally. In October of 1991 Resurrection entered Morrisound Studios in Tampa to record a demo disc. The demo was engineered by Scott Burns, and the end result was a 4 song death metal masterpiece. Not being content to just sell a few copies here and there and at gigs, the band set out to target all of the magazines, fanzines, and radio stations in the metal community worldwide in an attempt to build a large enough following to attract record label interest and to ultimately be offerend a recording contract.
The results were fantastic and the band had not only gained quite a large international following, but record label interest as well.

All good things have a bad side too, and drummer Steve Pate was replaced by Brett Macadam. Brett came out of the band that eventually became James Murphy's Disincarnate. Brett is pictured on the back of the "Embalmed Existence" album. Label interest was coming in from many of the larger independant metal labels and many were requesting another recording of new songs. Now more confident than ever, Resurrection decided to again enter Morrisound Studios with Scott Burns engineering and cut a new 2 song sampler for the interested labels to secure a deal. Nuclear Blast records based in Germany offered the band a 5 album deal and wanted to use the new (not marketed) 2 song demo for the Death Is Just The Beginning II compilation album and video compilation.

The band continued to write and toured their home state of Florida with Roadrunner recording artist Exhorder as well as a few select shows with Obituary, Malevolent Creation, Demolition Hammer, Athiest, Genitorturers, and others. Resurrection was featured on a collectors edition 4-way split 7" record pressed on blue vinyl released in the summer of 1992.

Resurrection scheduled studio time again at Morrisound Studios with Scott Burns engineering for November 1992 to record their debut album for Nuclear Blast records.

Problems surfaced again. The band had to release drummer Brett Macadam (pictured on the back of Embalmed) and only had 2 months before entering the studio. Resurrection knew that they did not have enough time to audition and rehearse with a new drummer with the limited time frame before recording. Instead, Resurrection contacted friend Alex Marquez (Malevolent Creation/Solstice) and asked him if he would play and record the album. Alex agreed and came to Tampa immediately to start rehearsing for the recording.

"Embalmed Existence" was the title of Resurrection's debut album and it was released worldwide in April, 1993. The album was very well recieved by fans and press alike. The album was on the billboard charts in Germany, Sweden, France, and Switzerland and Resurrection made the cover of many Europen magazines and had substantial air-play on all metal radio shows. The band did countless interviews and live radio feeds. Nuclear Blast records released a CD titled: 5 Years of Nuclear Blast which featured the song "Embalmed Existence", the title track of their full length disc.
"Embalmed Existence" is now regarded as one of the best Florida Death metal releases of all time and is considered a "Must Have" for any death metal music listener. Countless people involved in the metal community agree with this statement.

In the time between recording the Embalmed record and it's release, 3 European tours were cancelled for various reasons. Many drummers were auditioned and Bassist Dave Scott left the band. Mark Good, bassist from the freshly broken-up band Epitaph was asked to permanently join Resurrection. John's brother Kevin Astl, also formerly of the same local band Epitaph, (which also included Tony Teegarden of Cynic) was asked to go on a 65 date tour of Europe with the band but eventually left to pursue other interests.

Resurrection finally decided on full-time drummer Kevin Sedore formerly of the band Demigore out of West Palm Beach, Florida. Kevin moved to Tampa and began writing and rehearsing with the band as well as extensive north american tours.

Resurrection toured in support of Embalmed Existence worldwide..

The band decided to focus on writing new material for the follow-up to Embalmed. In the meantime, Nuclear Blast released another album featuring Resurrection. Nuclear Blast 100 featured the song "Torture Chamber".

Resurrection was ready to schedule studio time in early 1994. By this time, the band, Nuclear Blast Records, the international metal community and the world-wide press were ready for a new album and was excited. The metal scene also began to change in new directions at this time as well....

The band was facing internal struggles, musically and emotionally. The band also had problems with tour support, declining recording budgets as well as unrealistic deadlines. The band members were starting to get tired of constant commitments, but entered Morrisound studios again. This time around Jim Morris was at the console and the band recorded a 2 song disc that was not marketed or released.

Upon mutual agreement, and due to many reasons, Resurrection parted ways with record label Nuclear Blast Records- The band has remained on good terms with the N.B. family to this day...

Resurrection continued to tour North America while shopping for a new label and had a very solid following especially in their home town of Tampa and in the sunshine state of Florida.

In 1994 & 1995 the members of Resurrection began drifting apart and began working on various different projects. During this time the Forever Emblmed album was organized, but never released. The Forever Embalmed album featured both demo recordings prior to Embalmed Existence as well as 4 original line-up live tracks and storyteller out-takes from the Embalmed recording sessions. Also on this disc was the 2 song demo recorded after Embalmed. (This material will be included on the "Embalmed Existence" re-release via Massacre records in December 2008 along with a full length DVD of even more bonus material)

Over time, Resurrection slowly faded away. The members involved themselves in new projects and Resurrection eventually just vanished. The year was 1996.........................

2004, many years had passed. No regrets were ever made about the way Resurrection ended in 1996. Founding member John Astl began discussions with the former members of Resurrection about a plan to reform and to pick up where they left off. Vocalist Paul DeGolyer was in. Drummer Kevin Astl (now also of the band ADRIFT featuring former Cannibal Corpse and current Deicide guitarist Jack Owen) was also interested. Founding member and guitarist Charles Haines was now living in North Carolina and could not participate. Visit Charles's new project RUSCHA at: . In 2007 Drummer Kevin Astl was replaced with Gus Rios due to commitments with his primary band ADRIFT.

2005. RESURRECTION was officially Resurrected to continue where they left off, delivering a hellish crossfire of blistering, brutal, gut-ripping death metal!! You won't find any violines, female choruses, techno-sounds or what-the-fuck ever! This frontal in-you-face Death Metal assault will just blow you out of your socks!!! We are back together to play the music that we ourselves enjoy playing and only want to put out some more killer albums.

RESURRECTION's new album "Mistaken For Dead" was released June 27th in Europe and will soon be released in North America.