Bornholm - Biography




The band was founded in March 2000 by three members: Melkor-drums, Mordran-bass, Astaroth-guitar.

In the summer of 2001 we fired our vocalist (Ferenc Olajos), but Bok "Vlad" Peter filled up the vacancy soon. That year we got the opportunity to make our first recordings in a studio. Because of personal and musical differences a month later only two of us stayed in the band. In autumn we (Vlad and Astaroth) gave local fanzines, magazines and webzines a lot of interviews.

A few months later our first song ("Cry, Raven, Cry") was released on a compilation CD in the Nightwalk Magazine with some other European bands (Tsjuder, Sear Bliss, Gutted). It was purchasable in several countries, like Denmark, Belgium, Malaysia, Slovakia, USA,etc.
A half year later we found a new drummer, Ferenc Gyöngyösi.

In January 2003 we recorded our first album ("On The Way Of The Hunting Moon") with Vlad and Ferenc. All the guitars and basses were played by Astaroth, and the keyboards by a session musician, Robert Kasza.

Three months later the manager of the Portugalian SoundRiot Records wrote us that there would be a compilation CD (Metal Ostentation 5 - available from 2004 March) and that he searched bands for it. So the second track of our first album got on to that CD. In autumn we played with the Green Carnation, Suidakra and Mörk Gryning.

After a few months, we found the Melancholia Records from France, and the album has been released in official form at last. In the summer of 2004 our first videoclip was made for the song "Acheron" by a Hungarian film-maker group. In September we played a gig with Arcturus and after the show, in the end of the month the drummer and the second guitarist left the band. In winter we found a permanent bass player (Saterion) and a keyboard player (Immoralist).

In 2005 we played with Enslaved in Hungary, and with [band[Mayhem[/band] in December.

In 2006 our drummer (Melkor) left the band.

This is the year of some other change in the band, after a lot of years Vlad left the band and Thorgor arrived as vocalist and Vozargh arrived as permanent guitarist - now Bornholm is stronger than ever.

The new studio album of Bornholm will be out in the autumn of 2008.