Timeless Miracle - Biography



The Swedish speed power-metal act "Timeless Miracle" was formed in 2001 by Mikael Holst & Fredrik Nilsson. However, their musical collaboration goes back to late 1995 when they formed the band "Trapped" together with drummer Kim Widfors. The trio played a couple of gigs but was soon split up when drummer Kim moved abroad.

In winter 2003 the duo recorded a 6-track demo with the help of a drum-machine in their home-recording studio. Two weeks after it was finished they were offered a record-deal by a small European label. In search of a suitable recording location, the band contacted the production company RoastingHouse in Sweden, who was really excited about the strong songs and "sound" of the band and offered them a production/management deal to enhance the bands visions and the band accepted without hesitation.

Mikael & Fredrik's long-time friend, Sten Möller, was asked to join forces on the guitar, which he without a doubt accepted. At the same time the highly professional Jaime Salazar was asked to listen to their demo and consider filling the place of the very much needed drummer. A few days later he also accepted.

In August 2004 the production began on their debut album "Into the Enchanted Chamber" with RoastingHouse famous producers Anders "Theo" Theander (Majestic, Pain of Salvation, Last Tribe) and Pontus Lindmark. The album delivers mystic medieval tales from the Nordic countries in a perfect blend of metal, folklore, classic, great melodies and fantasy. The artwork of the album is illustrated by Mattias Norén at Progart.

(Source: http://www.timeless-miracle.com/)