Cor Scorpii - Biography



Cor Scorpii was formed in late 2004 by former Windir/Ulcus keyboard player Gaute Refsnes. After the tragic death of Terje "Valfar" Bakken and the following Windir farewell concert, the time was right to put some of his own musical ideas into a new band. Former band mates Stian Bakketeig (lead guitars) and Jørn Holen (drums) joined, and the line-up was completed by Thomas Øvstedal (vocals), Rune Sjøthun (rythm guitars) and Inge Jonny Lomheim (bass).

In july 2005, Cor Scorpii entered Studio 1184 and Amla Metal Studio, in order to record their first demo. "Attergangar" consisted of 4 tracks of extreme metal, with emphasis on melodies, aggression and atmospheres. The demo was highly praised by both fans and press, and was among other things awarded demo of the month in Metal Hammer Germany. The demo also caught the attention of various record labels, and Cor Scorpii signed a deal with Dutch label Descent Productions.

After the release of the demo, Jørn Holen parted ways with the band, due to his domestic situation and his obligations to Vreid. After an extensive search for a new drummer, Ole "Vargon" Nordsve (Celebratum, The Embraced, ex-Hellstorm) joined the band towards the end of 2006.

In july/august 2007, time had come to record the debut full-length album. Cor Scorpii entered Børge Finstad's Top Room Studio, where the album entitled Monument, was recorded and mixed. The album was mastered in the renowned studio Tailor Maid, and will be released by Descent Productions later this year.