SIG:AR:TYR - Biography




The concept for SIG:AR:TYR was created by Daemonskald during the 34th year of his existence (2003 CE) to provide a musical vehicle for his thoughts and writings of the mysteries of life and beyond life.

The rune word set SIG:AR:TYR embodies three major aspects of existence: Chaos-Balance-Order. The words SIG:AR:TYR are the names of three runes (the pre-Latin Germanic alphabet) that embody these characteristics in one form or another. These forces form the core materials of existence. SIG:AR:TYR is dedicated to the dark, grim history and mythology of Northern Europe.

In late 2003, SIG:AR:TYR released "The Stranger", a six song atmospheric journey revolving around the acoustic guitar and Daemonskald's short story of the same name. Quickly gathering excellent reviews, SIG:AR:TYR signed with Karmageddon Records (formerly Hammerheart) for a debut full-length release. Daemonskald wanted to immediately forge ahead to his next project, a concept work with more metal musical elements including electric guitar, bass, and percussion, while retaining the acoustic-ambient atmosphere. Unfortunately, Karmageddon ran into financial difficulties and SIG:AR:TYR asked for their release from the label when it became apparent the release was not going to happen.

In 2005, SIG:AR:TYR released the results of this grand vision, the debut full-length release, "Sailing The Seas Of Fate" via Morbid Winter Records. "Sailing The Seas Of Fate" deals with a Viking quest to the far northern reaches of the world to retrieve an object to turn the tide of Christianity. Canada's underground metal magazine Unrestrained! called SIG:AR:TYR "Easily one of Canada's best underground bands at the moment."

On the Summer Solstice 2008, SIG:AR:TYR released its second full-length album "Beyond The North Winds" which builds upon the folk/pagan metal and acoustic atmosphere of "Sailing The Seas Of Fate", while introducing more vocals and a stronger metal sensibility to the traditional SIG:AR:TYR sound.

The dynamics of SIG:AR:TYR will be an ever-changing ideal, and any and all instruments may be used to further his next vision. Each musical piece is a thread in a greater web. The songs, combined with the lyrics, mythical tales, poetry, and artwork, aim to fully realize the essence of each release. It is the creator's hope that all aspects of SIG:AR:TYR, from the music and artwork, to the lyrics and stories, will inspire or destroy you.

In 2010, SIG:AR:TYR released Godsaga, a darker, harsher album that explores the concepts of loss and sacrifice in the tales of both Egil's Saga and Odin's hanging on the world tree Yggdrasil. Godsaga reached the pinnacle of the combination of metal and acoustic guitar atmosphere that had been forged for so many years, and received an incredible number of positive reviews and brought SIG:AR:TYR out of the shadows of the underground into the attention of the greater metal world.

In the summer of 2012, 10 years after its creation, SIG:AR:TYR mainman Daemonskald came to the decision to finally bring these songs and tales to the live stage. Adding band members Mike Grund (guitar), Nicholas Ireland (drums), and Morgan Rider (bass), SIG:AR:TYR played its very first show at the Winter is Coming Fest in New London, CT in October 2012. Shows continued in 2013 in Canada in Toronto, Montreal, Ottawa, and a special headlining hometown appearance in London, Ontario.

Writing and recording continues for a new SIG:AR:TYR album to be called Northen. The album deals with the end of the Viking age, and the adventures of the Norse in our own country, Canada. Unlike the permanent settlements in Greenland, their stay here was short-lived, and we are still discovering the extent of their travels, the small settlements, and their interaction with the native cultures here at the time. It is the simple admiration for a group of people with an adventurous, dynamic, and individualistic spirit who even at the end of the Viking age, were still willing to throw stability and comfort aside to explore new lands, places like Helluland, Markland, and Vinland, and try to be their own master in a changing world.