A Forest Of Stars - Biography




Mister Curse:
The protagonist, overlord and leader of the Gentleman's Club of A Forest of Stars, Mister Curse descries deep into occult secrets that form the story arc of the Club's symphonic renditions. A talented poet and muse, Curse uses these experiences to channel acroamatic power into his writings, which invariably results in melting the paper he's written them upon and unleashing pan-dimensional demons upon the streets of Wapping and Limehouse, something he assures us is a complete accident, and not, as he was once overheard to say, 'done for a laugh'. Quite.

Katheryne, Queen of the Ghosts:
Despite belonging to the weaker sex, our goodly Queen of Apparitions is more than a match for the men in both intellectual pursuits and arcane practices of the occult arts. Now permanently installed as the Club's medium and spiritualist, she imparts both perfect poise and a depth of knowledge on all things musical that would make many of the leading composers and conductors of today blush most disagreeably. Which - coincidentally - is what occurs on an alarmingly regular basis to the other members at the Club while separate bathing facilities remain frustratingly in the midst of construction.

Mr T.S. Kettleburner
A founding member of the Gentleman's Club, Mr Kettleburner quickly pioneered techniques for the transference of musical composition direct from the instruments themselves, using the little-used theorem that instruments do indeed posses a life and soul of their own. Despite failing on many occasions to capture these outpourings due to the excessive imbibing of palliative liquors, both the High Court and the House of Lords have categorically ruled we may not blackball him from the club for at least another two years, and thus we are forced to remain on charitable terms, though he is constantly on guard for any underhanded psychic attacks from - *cough* - unknown sources.

The Gentleman
A man of curious and unsavoury means, our monogrammed associate keeps himself to himself, communicating to the other members though the medium of letter writing and the occasional telegram. An arch Ludo expert and keen usurper of societies morals, the rakish cad, 'Gentleman' remains somewhat at odds with the rest of the Club, not least of which over the subject of his epithet, of which he is decidedly nothing of the sort.

(Source: The official band website)