Realm - Biography




Realm was formed back in the summer of 1985 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, with a vision of creating heavy futuristic music. Through the release of Perceptive Incentive in 1985 and the landmark Final Solution in 1986, Realm made huge waves through the metal underground selling thousands of tapes independent of any record label.

The band signed to the up and coming Roadrunner Records label in 1988 and quickly released their first album, Endless War, featuring their now classic rendition of the Beatle's Eleanor Rigby. In 1990, Realm released their much anticipated follow-up, Suiciety, which found the band delving further into their unique progressive metal sound, while resurrecting a few old classics like Knee Deep in Blood and Final Solution.

Having fulfilled their 2 record obligation with Roadrunner and searching for a new deal, Realm continued creating new groundbreaking material as well as covering the King Crimson classic One More Red Nightmare. The band went on to record another album's worth of material that remains to this day un-released, but is arguably the band's finest efforts.

Realm dissolved in 1992, but not without having a huge and lasting influence on the likes of many modern metal bands, as evidenced by the high demand of their out of print releases. The members have been currently discussing the possibilities of finalizing their unfinished recordings and possibly releasing them in the near future.

Metal Mind Productions in conjunction with Roadrunner Records has recently licensed both Endless War and Suiciety. Both albums have been digitally remastered and have been re-issued worldwide. The re-issues are an individually numbered limited edition which include expanded inserts, new photos, liner notes, and bonus tracks not found on the original releases.