Belfegor - Biography


Belfegor was founded in November 1998 by Lethal (drums) & Tormentor (bass and voice). Shortly after, they got hold of Kenneth (guitars) and Flauros (guitars). Had formed lineup Belfegor visited in February 1999 "Zamek Studio" in Szydlowiec, took work of the first record. The result was the first Belfegor demo called "Diabolical Delight". This extreme, aggressive metal record, which includes 5 tracks, immediately met enthusiastically reception in metal underground. Unfortunately at that time Kenneth and Flauros left the group. On their place Belfegor got hold Thagirion (guitars).

Thus formed group was preparing to make the next demo record. In the meanwhile in September 2000 agent of Massive Management offered Belfegor contract with Empire Records. The group accepted terms and began recording of the debut album in studio "Manek" in February 2000. In June 2000 published by Empire Records came out the first Belfegor album - "The Kingdom Of Glacial Palaces". Despite of opinions differ the record met excellent reception of extreme metal fans and Belfegor was qualified as "the promising of the Polish black metal scene".

The group has been still going forward and soon got chance to play in front of great public participating on Thrash?em All Festival between such groups as Vader, Behemoth, Yattering, Lux Occulta and Decapitated. In autumn Belfegor was promoting their album giving small concerts in Poland. That time Empire Records signed up the contract with WW3 to sell "The Kingdom Of Glacial Palaces" abroad. Premiere of the debut album took place in February 2001. In June 2001 the group went to Selani Studio with producer Szymon Czech (known from work with Panzer X, Demise, Sceptic, Dies Irae, Enter Chaos and many others) to record more brutal and more extreme work. Premiere of the second album, titled "The Work Of Destruction" took place in November 2001. This album has got the great power of hellish metal strength (unfortunately its dry and raw sound divided fans' opinions). Additionally to the track "Loneliness Amidst My Wrath" has been made the video clip added on CD as a bonus. In November 2001 Belfegor went on the greatest and the only one tour being between Esqarial, Sceptic, Lux Occulta, Behemoth, Vader and Krisiun and visiting 9 cities in Poland and in spite of not good sound system or lack of experience the band gave all energy from itself striking with extreme and destroying all of visited places. During the preparing the new record Belfegor engaged official website in November 2002. In December 2002 the personal problems in the group have finished - the band got hold Buldozer on drums.

However works on new album prolonged (mainly because of financial problems) to February 2004. That time the group got hold Mordor on bass and Tormentor became only vocalist. Having the best lineup ever, Belfegor made over 40 - minutes record titled "Unholy Destroyer", which music has been definite as extreme metal, it's also the most advanced work of the band, filled with raw sound and energy, reaching the roots and the new solutions in thrash and black metal.