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What we do is destroy. Since the year 2002, Exmortus has been plowing away through the backyards and the backstreets. Through the packed venues and the empty lots. We've had numerous line up changes (every instrument at least twice), but nothing has yet to hold back our assault. With a couple of demos circulating the underground scene, record label attention was eventually received. In 2007, we signed with the up-and-coming New York based label Heavy Artillery. And in the summer of the next year, the debut album In Hatred's Flame was released with a subsequent tour to back it up soon after. The heart of the band was never to become huge. It was to play. For 40 minutes, we run around, head-bang, kick, jump, and head-bang some more, all to deliver the best set we can. If it's for 1 or 1,000 we do what is necessary to leave the place in ruins. We enjoy what we do. It's our job. We wouldn't give it up for anything or anyone. We put on the best show we possibly can when we're up there. And as long as we have picks in our fingers and drums sticks in our hands, we will continue to do so.

Now partnered with the quickly-rising New York metal powerhouse Heavy Artillery Records, Exmortus prepare to take their metal domination worldwide with the release of "In Hatred's Flame" scheduled for July 2008.