Arkhe - Biography


The band arkhe (ar-ké), but not with that name at the time, was formed on 1995 when guitar players Carlos Davila and Sebastian Herrera, which shared various musical influences such as Cynic, Death, Testament, among others, decided start playing together.

After some time and the first song (Introspection), they met drummer Miguel Cuellar which had just ended his participation with the band Blood Soaked. There was a quick musical and personal understanding between them. Time passed and a year later vocalist Lutz Keferstein which also sang on Blood Soaked entered the band. After a brief period, and invited by Carlos Davila, bass player, and high school classmate Fernando trejo (Utopia) joined. That's how the first complete lineup was formed under the name "Non Serviam".

After a year Lutz Keferstein left the band and for another year there was no vocalist until Alejandro Gonzalez, former vocalist of the band Transmetal, took his place in the band now under the name of Arkhe. Arkhe continued with this lineup for a couple of years until the end of 1999. There guitar player Sebastian Herrera parted and concentrated on ending his musical studies in Mexico in order to go to Holland and continue studying composition.

The band played for more than a year with Carlos Dávila as the only guitar and in 2001 they recorded their first demo cd with the guest appearance of Sebastian Herrera which had not yet parted to Holland. On 2002 drummer Miguel Cuellar left to Germany but casually vocalist Alejandro Gonzalez and guitar player Carlos Davila met drummer Gradio Cervantes which had been out of the music scene for 7 years and invited him to join the band. Less than a week later guitar player Oswaldo Blanco (Calvaria) took charge of the other guitar completing the lineup. Short after Garadio departed and two weeks later Arkhe completes it's lineup with drummer Carlos Consuegra.

By the beginning of august 2003 Fernando Trejo left his position as bassist and immediately Carlos Colorado best known as Carolo took over. On October 2003, with the recording process of the first CD Virtual Landscape finished, Carlos Davila and Oswaldo Blanco travelled to Tampa Florida to mix and master at Morrisound Recording, where Jim Morris was in charge of doing such job.

On march 2004 Carolo parted and Gabriel Flamand, who played with Carlos Davila in Deo-Ignoto, returns to the metal scene as bass player for Arkhe. On august 2005 after two years of work in the production the debut album Virtual Landscape was officially launched. In March 2008 Eduardo Vazquez Diaz started playing drums after former drummer Carlos Consuegra left the band. Right now the band is working in the preproduction of their next album.