Thirdmoon - Biography


1994 the year when longing for death became a new brand:


The debut album "Grotesque Autumnal Weepings" recorded in 1997, a dark melancholic deathwish was released upon the world. The unique mix of melancholy, aggression and beautiful acoustic parts composed by Mastermind "Wolfgang Rothbauer", established Thirdmoon as a leading act in Austrian metal.

With a new French member, Thirdmoon signed 1999 to napalm records and entered the studio for their second album "Aquis Submersus" which showed the band from a slower and darker edge with more groove and more variety of vocal and guitar arrangements.

After lots of concerts, the third album "Bloodforsaken" was released in 2000. With more aggression and brutality, Thirdmoon was clearly drawn towards melodic death metal. Now it was time to get on the road together with the German act Eisregen and Thirdmoon showed a high-energy performance that impressed the audience and press.

2001 Thirdmoon and Napalm records stopped their cooperation.
Unfortunately it took three years before recording "Sworn Enemy: Heaven". The record turned out to be filled with more groove and straight-in-your-face brutal than the earlier albums - but still with the embracing of catchy melodic themes and emotional acoustic parts that represents Thirdmoon.

In January 2005, Thirdmoon hooked up with Grave and Disparaged for the "Fiendish Regression Tour" and proved again that their shows stay a great experience for all metal maniacs.

Their latest work Dimorphic Cynosure - the most emotional masterpiece so far - was released 2007 under the wings of the German label Maintain Records.

Now, with once again some new members, the band is rising from the grave to work on new material.