Tempest Reign - Biography

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Biography Tempest Reign: In 2000, former Iced Earth & Oracle drummer Brent Smedley, joined forces with guitarists Shawn Johnson aka "MOGLEY" and Bryan Udell. Bassist Scott Davis aka Damien Thorne was aquired In 2002. Finally in 2005 Joe DeLuca became the frontman and TEMPEST REIGN was complete. So we thought... After six years and two albums , Brent Smedley left TEMPEST REIGN after the completion of the 2007 release CATASTROPHIC to rejoin Iced Earth and has since been replaced by Mark "BAM BAM" McConnell, former drummer of Sabastian Bach's solo career. Bryan elected not to return after Brents departure due to lack of financial responsibilities, and has been replaced by Kent Smedley former guitarist of Prodigy,Oracle and Odyssey. TEMPEST REIGN....PURE METAL!!! ..