Vertigo Steps - Biography



Welcome aboard the Vertigo Steps universe... On the demanding heels of the Arcane Wisdom years and his other projects, Bruno A. set to engage on a special and untimely aural endeavor, assembling together by far his most diverse, intensely challenging and downright drenching efforts.

Forged in September 2007 e.v., VS saw dim light predominantly as a studio project, Bruno A. handling composition and lyrics, but for the ambitious debut venture 7 eminent and also not leather-clad guests left their scar of vertigo, carefully handpicked for their various areas of expertise and unique attitude towards the music. Making this a trans-European affair, with inspiring musicians from Finland, Norway and naturally, Portugal. Currently core main members are the duo of Bruno/ Niko, with Alexandre Ribeiro and Daniel Cardoso joining in studio for rhythm section. Plus the reknowned guests.

VS I... self-titled

The 10 songs/ themes salvaging the self-titled debut full-length were lubricated for some months and finally put to tape @ UltraSoundStudios (Braga) in March-April 2008, with Daniel Cardoso as mandatory choice for the helm. Soundscope idea? An ever emotional melting pot of ideas gathered in the last years (including "I of the Storm", a track from the AW ghost sessions as well as state of the art compositions such as "The Swarming Process" or "The Gruesome Smile"). "Vertigo Steps" also features an orchestral-laden overture and an instrumental interlude, seamlessly shifting moods between full-on Melancholy Metal catharsis, demented groove assaults and textured, orchestrated ambiance. Epic dementia anyone?

Oh, its also vaguely, unassumingly conceptual and with a certain soundtrack feel. Fundamentally soulful musique in an environment of cascading blueprinted, homogenized muzak. Words dealing with pain, dreams, reality, projections, ill-hidden secrets, mind-disease, decadence & departure. Songs which underline raw emotion over technique. Artwork to suit them. The founder has been said to dismiss sky and skin as limit. Media praise can be read within. A special video was shot for single "Fire Eaters", earning great praise and wide TV broadcast

VS II... the melancholy hour

Since the dawn of '09, new all-too-addictive compositions started to take shape for the future sophomore release: take heed for the process is in swarming motion. And we are the worms. Pre-production is finished, with 12 tracks aligned, among them a full-blown instrumental and another a cover. Recording scheduled to April/ May 2010,@ UltraSoundStudios - Moita with Daniel Cardoso (again producer & drummer). The sound is rockier, progressive and more solid and memorable than ever: expect quite a few surprises on a truly unique effort... Now that you're aboard, do leave your intentionally offensive praise & step into the Vertigo avalanche.

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