Q5 - Biography



Best known as the band featuring guitarist Floyd Rose (inventor of the Floyd Rose Tremolo System for guitarists), Q5 debuted in 1984 with Steel The Light, a pretty decent slice of British-influenced hard rock/metal. They were pressured to go a bit more mainstream for their next album, which they did, resulting in When The Mirror Cracks, released in 1986 to mixed reviews. The band were in the midst of working on their third album when they dissolved, somewhere around 1987. Two of the members (later joined by a third) created a new band, Nightshade, releasing one album in 1991 and another in 2001, and were still playing live as late as 2003. Rose still makes his living from a signature guitar line as well as from sales of his Tremolo system.

Q5 reunited for a show at the Headbangers Open Air Festival in Germany - July 2009.
Q5 reunited in 2014 Played at Sweden Rock, Rock You to Hell Festival, Cyprus Rock
Recording a new album for release in 2015