All Ends - Biography

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Gothenburg is Sweden's metal heart, with 30 musicians for every 100 residents. >There aren't quite as many as that, but the scene is pretty impressive<, laughs singer Tinna Karlsdotter, who worked in "Diamond Dogs", the city's most well-known rock bar, and knows virtually every musician in the city. >In Stockholm, things are very competitive, but here in Gothenburg the bands help each other out<, she says. >We're all happy to see the others succeed, and everyone lends support wherever they can.< ALL ENDS also experienced this support as the two In Flames guitarists Jesper Strömblad and Björn Gelotte, who incidentally is also the brother of the other ALL ENDS singer Emma Gelotte, lent a helping hand with the songwriting for the debut "Wasting Life" EP, released in May of this year. The band hadn't been together for very long at this stage, and as newcomers they were happy to accept the creative input from experienced hands. But as a result of the plethora of concerts they played, including the renowned Sweden Rock Festival and the Earthshaker Roadshow, ALL ENDS grew into a cohesive unit quicker than anyone would have thought. The line-up, including the two attractive front ladies plus experienced guitarists Fredrik Johansson(Dimension Zero, Chameleon) and Peter Mårdklint (Embraced, Funhouse, Tenebre) and drummer Joseph "Joey" Skansås (The Green Jesus Saviours) grew tighter with each performance. >We had a lot of fun on tour and we became a real family<, stresses Tinna. >The fact that we all get along so well and have built up such a basis of trust has also helped our musical growth enormously. We've developed a compositional dynamic of our own that we could never have dreamed of to start with!<. Subsequently, ALL ENDS have taken their time with their album pre-production to try out their numerous ideas. Fredrik emphasizes the helpful role played by experienced producer Christian Wolff (previous work with Within Temptation, Rage & Lingua Mortis). >He directed our overflow of enthusiasm down the right paths and was a special help with arrangements.< And the results are indisputable! Metallic riffing and poppy hooklines rendezvous in a combination that is both heavy and catchy. Accordingly, songs like the tough groover "Walk Away", the gripping hook-laden "Regrets", dynamic rocker "I'm Sorry", the beautiful piano ballad "Just A Friend" or the mighty anthem "Close My Eyes" take no prisoners. Along with the melodic guitar work, the interplay between the two powerful vocalists is particularly impressive. How the vocals are divided up was a natural progression, reveals Tinna. >Emma has a deeper voice than mine, so we decide how to split up the vocals depending on what the song needs. Sometimes we switch off with the first voice, and sometimes one of us takes on the lead vocals with the other singer doubling. With two singers, there are loads of possibilities - both for changing up and for the volume. So in the studio, we don't have to 'cheat', like so many other bands do. Our motto was, "Don't record anything that you can't sing live.< This is an admirable attitude that is sure to pay off in the upcoming live dates!

The self-titled debut album doesn't sound like Nightwish or Within Temptation or Evanescence; instead it sounds like nothing other than ALL ENDS! Is there a bigger compliment that can be paid to a newcomer?