Glittertind - Biography




Glittertind was founded in 2001 by Torbjørn Sandvik (b-1985). He wanted to start a project inspired by Norwegian tales, traditions, history, art and culture. All these ingredients were mixed in a black pot together with punk, metal and folk, or like Metal Hammer put it: "A bizarre combination of folksy mellowness, hardcore punk riffing, Nordic power/thrash metal and winsome sea-shanty melodies straight out of Captain Pugwash."

The bandname Glittertind was chosen because it gives associations to vast nature, national-romantic mystics and because it is geographically placed in the "heart of Norway" - Jotunheimen. Many great Norwegian artists, poets and authors have got uncountable strong impressions from this part of our country. These impressions have been reflected in their works and been a great source of inspiration for Torbjørn.

The whole project started with a couple of released demos underground. The word of mouth did their job and the demos sold around 2000 copies and led to a recording agreement between Glittertind and Karmageddon Media.

The debut-album "Evige Asatro" (Eternal Belief in the Norse Gods) was released August 23rd 2004 through Karmageddon Media and was distributed by Plastic Head in Europe. It received several great reviews in big European hardrock-magazines like Kerrang!, Metal Hammer, Terrorizer and Legacy. Kerrang! wrote the following about the release: "One listen to one-man Norwegian project Glittertind will instantly make you want to eat meat off the bone, casually get into a drunken fight and possibly grow a huge beard as well, thanks to their raucous Pogues-turned-up-to-11 sound. Madder than a donkey on a trampoline and twice as ludicrous, this is also an incredible amount of fun!" Torbjørn received a lot of attention and the response was overwhelming when considering that this was a release where all production was done by a 17year old guy.

The next release by Glittertind was a 7track MCD dedicated to Norwegian freedomfighters throughout the ages, and a celebration of Norway's 100 year as an independent nation. It was released April 18th 2005 and was titled "Til Dovre Faller" (Untill Dovre falls). The release received great critics and Terrorizer puts it this way: "...What sets Glittertind apart from many nationalist, 'heathen' Norse-pagan bands is the insightful welding of authentic Norwegian folk to punk. What Torbjorn Sandvik (the man behind Glittertind) understands is that folk is first and foremost life affirming as opposed to hateful, morbid, anti-social, suicidal and racist. It is also simple and realistic - just like punk. How refreshing it is to witness a patriot who is strong and healthy-spirited enough to oppose the EU entity, yet wish for a 'united and peaceful Europe'. How ideologically consistent the inclusion of songs against Nazi occupation side by side with songs resisting older foreign conquests of Norway."

In 2008 Glittertind signed a long term agreement to Napalm Records. A new album is under production and expected to be released in October 2008. Stay tuned for more mead-fuelled Norwegian folk metal!