Destroy Destroy Destroy - Biography




Tales have been spoken of a legendary band of warriors whose reign of terror stretched from being spawned from lightning and fornicating with the gods, to the rise of the Geishmal Undead. In this ancient time of colossal beasts and devious mystics, Destroy Destroy Destroy traversed the lands in quest for eternal glory. All men, beasts and even the gods will know and fear their name for many ages to come. "Battle Sluts" is the second volume of their epic journey. Due to be released in the grim month of January 2009, this album takes the epic thrash sound of the previous record, "Devour the Power", and piles on plenty of sweeping melodic orchestration, making it fit for any Viking looking to plunder a new land. Each song is a tale of high adventure and barbarism. "Battle Sluts" recounts Destroy Destroy Destroy's travels as a band of unjust battle-gods challenging all in their path to attain eternal glory. Songs of great battle against vicious beasts, and the conquering of entire civilizations give "Battle Sluts" a true fantasy-metal motif. Destroy Destroy Destroy's second full length, "Battle Sluts", will instantaneously make your World of Warcraft character level up to a level-70 badass.

Destroy Destroy Destroy's sound can only be described as what one would hear as a hoard of demon-men trample their way from far away lands, seeking to scour all in their path. Their unique blend of epic thrash-Viking-black metal forms a perfect sound as you watch the lead vocalist, Bryan Kemp, control the crowd with his menacing and extravagant stage antics. Some might believe he is the illegitimate son of Iron Maiden's Bruce Dickinson with a more malice. The thunderous drums of David Shaw create a menacing foundation for the swarming lush orchestral melodies performed by keyboardist Brian Shorter. On top of the string and choir pads sits the brash and cutting guitar sounds and harmonies of Jeremiah Scott and Way Barrier. Adam Phillips pretty much just plays bass, hollers and hair whips to no end.

Destroy Destroy Destroy was forged in the icy month of January 2003. Their first full length, "Devour the Power", released in September 2006 from Black Market, received high reviews including an 8 out of 10 from Decibel Magazine. The new album, "Battle Sluts", starts 2009 with thundering fury seeing their style re-forged into a more destructive and valiant epic form than that of their prior release. Lock your doors and hide your whores! "Battle Sluts" will surely provide the metal soundtrack for all of your axe-wielding adventures.