Avec Tristesse - Biography




Avec Tristesse is a band from Rio de Janeiro that was formed in the beginning of 2000 and had a definitive formation in middle of the same yearIn 2002, the band recorded their first album entitled "Ravishing Beauty", pleasing the specialized critical and public with a style that goes into black metal, death metal, doom metal and gothic metal, what currently known as "dark metal".

Strong vocals, guttural and clean there are always presents, with occasional participation of feminine vocals. My Dying Bride, Anathema, Katatonia and Opeth are some of some of many influences. Inspire in his proper experiences, emotions and feelings, music and letters of Avec Tristesse always look for to follow the way of the originality and a proper identity.

The new album, "How Innocence Dies" follows the same style and it comes gaining notoriety in the scene of the national metal.
"How Innocence Dies" was release in Brazil by Hellion Records.