Dawn Of Demise - Biography



With the surgical precision of a sharp blade, and the pounding heaviness of a sledgehammer, Dawn Of Demise's debut will add a new edge to the world of tight and heavy as hell death metal. On Hate Takes its Form the band has managed to combine the powerful sound, the brutality and the straight to your face accuracy that is Dawn Of Demise.

Dawn Of Demise came to be in late 2003, with influences such as Suffocation, Pyrexia, Internal Bleeding, old Cannibal Corpse etc. Dawn Of Demise are determined to combine excellent musicianship with great soundwriting thus creating a groundbreaking breach of heaviness and brutality.

While performing numerous live shows with such acts as Suffocation, Nile, Six Feet Under, Deicide, Exodus, Psycroptic, Yyrkoon etc, Dawn Of Demise quickly earned themselves a reputation of being an outstanding live act. Soon enough it was time to prove their dedication to death metal by recording their debut Hate Takes its Form even before landing a record deal.

Hate Takes its Form was recorded in a small studio in their hometown. Later it was mixed and mastered at Jacob Hansen studios by Jacob Hansen himself (Aborted, Nightrage, Invocator, Volbeat etc) So with the reputation Jacob has, you can count on the album being just as killer sonically as it is musically.

Hate Takes its Form will mark the beginning of the Dawn Of Demise-era. Make no mistake about it; Dawn Of Demise have their mind set on becoming the next main attraction on the global death metal scene.

(Source: http://www.myspace.com/dawnofdemise)