Dark Forest - Biography




Dark Forest is a heathen metal band based in Calgary, Canada.

Created in late 2003 by David Parks, the vision of Dark Forest remains to create an epic style of atmospheric metal fuelled by connection with nature. The music and lyrics focus around the promotion of European tradition and history within Canada - the basis of our country and culture. Dark Forest does not adhere to National Socialist ideology. The band, nor any of the ancient symbols utilised by the band, have any ties with these concepts.

Parks began the initial writing process in late 2003 with the song titled Among Silent Pine. While not a metal song, but rather a nature-styled soundtrack, it laid the groundwork for Dark Forest songs to come. The writing process continued from here until early 2005. A four track Demo was arranged and released that summer; this was titled Demo 2005. It received many positive reviews, and was hailed one of the most promising demos of that year.

Demo 2005 broke out into the Canadian metal community in summer 2005, and gained much respect and support. Parks continued the writing process to lay the groundwork for his first full-length album. During this same time, a live interest started to appear. A live session line-up was assembled in September of 2005, only two months after the release of Demo 2005. The initial line-up consisted of already established musicians in the Calgary area.

The live line-up played four promotional shows for Demo 2005 in the local area in 2006. With much success, interest also grew in Europe during this time. Media sources labelled Dark Forest 'Vinlandic Pagan Black Metal', but the members prefer to be labelled Canadian Heathen Metal. The month of March 2006 marked the completion of the writing process for Aurora Borealis. It was self-recorded by Parks in summer 2006, and released that September.

Surpassing the amount of support from Demo 2005, Aurora Borealis broke the band through into the pagan metal underground. Aurora Borealis received an overwhelming attention for being a self-released full-length. Dark Forest was invited to play the Heathen Crusade II festival in the United States shortly after the release. Other performing acts included Bal-Sagoth, Vreid, Skyforger, M�negarm, and more. This marked the first out of Canada performance by the line-up.

In March 2007, Parks signed with Bleak Art Records to re-issue Aurora Borealis, and to release the next full-length album. The year 2007 brought more shows outside of the local area, including November appearances with Ensiferum and Enslaved in Toronto, Canada.

The writing process for a new album continues, and Parks has posted a new demo track online; titled Bjarni Herjelfsson ca. 985CE. This song tells the history of the first European to set eyes on our country Canada, over one thousand years ago.

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