Ved Buens Ende - Biography




Oslo avant-garde Black Metal band. This project was assembled by Fimbulwinter, Ulver and Arcturus bassist Skoll (Hugh Steven James Mingay), Dødheimsgard drummer Vicotnik (Yusaf Parvez) and ex-Satyricon drummer Carl-Michael Eide. The latter, billed as 'Aggressor', also operated in Infernö and Aura Noir.

Ved Buens Ende, translating as 'At the end of the bow' in reference to the Bifröst rainbow in Nordic mythology, write and play with an acknowledged disregard for musical convention. Nevertheless, their complex amalgam of sounds still manages to stay within the remit of Black Metal.

Debut recordings came in the form of a 1994 demo 'Those Who Caress The Pale'. The British label Misanthropy Records subsequently took the band on to release the album 'Written In Waters' for October 1995 release. Guest inclusions featured Lill Katherine Stensrud on additional vocals. The band supported Impaled Nazarene for British dates. Ved Buens Ende expanded for live work, enrolling vocalist Simen Hestnæs, of Arcturus, Borknagar and Dimmu Borgir, plus Arcturus keyboard player Steinar Sverd Johnsen.

However, despite reaping critical acclaim Ved Buens Ende called it a day during 1997. Carl-Michael Eide, re-billing himself as 'Czral', re-formulated the project as Virus, working alongside Audiopain, Ghoul-Cult and Hæ? bassist Plenum (Petter Berntsen) and drummer Esso (a.k.a. Einar Sjursø). The latter having credits with Infernö, Beyond Dawn and Lamented Souls. Demand for Ved Buens Ende was still evident though, and a bootleg album billed '...Coiled in Obscurity' surfaced in 2002, comprising 1994 rehearsal tracks plus a live performance taped on March 10th 1995 and a Carl-Michael Eide solo composition 'Strange Calm'. On the official front, Candlelight Records re-issued 'Written In Waters' for the US market in a new sleeve.

Carl-Michael Eide got himself into the news in somewhat bizarre circumstances when he plummeted from a five-story building in Oslo on 26th March 2005. Severely injured, the musician underwent two major operations immediately after the event. Eide would spend the next 18 months in hospitals and rehabilitation clinics as part of his recovery.

Ved Buens Ende announced a reformation in April 2006, comprising Carl-Michael Eide, Yusaf Parvez, bass player Petter Berntsen, subsequently replaced in the studio by Bjørn Boge, and Virus drummer Einar Sjursø ('Necrodevil'). With both his ankles and feet paralysed, Eide now solely concentrated on guitar. However, in January 2007 a press statement revealed Ved Buens Ende had once again ceased operations.

In 2009 Russian production team Aspherical Asphyxia is compiled a triple tribute to Emperor / Ved Buens Ende / Arcturus entitled 'Old Crown, New Spawn'.