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Archons - Biography

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Back in the summer of 2004, Simon Charette, Sébastien Audet, Christian Poulin and Charles Fontaine decided to form a melodic death metal band called Wrecked Mind. Near the end of 2004 the group folded as 3 of its members (Poulin, Audet and Charette) ended the project in order to revive Descend Into Nothingness. Eventually the band members (Charette, Audet, Francis Beaulieu and Poulin) decided to reform as a new band in 2006 called Archons. Descend Into Nothingness was left to Joel St. Amant, Simon Descôteaux and Pierre-Alexandre Mercier.

In 2008 the band's debut album, The Consequences Of Silence (produced by Yannick St-Amant) was released on Cryogenic Records worldwide. The group have since announced they have begun writing material for a new album.

(Source: MySpace)