Blood Stained Dusk - Biography




BloodStained Dusk, hailing from Huntsville, Alabama. Their latest release is entitled "Black Faith Inquisition," completed in 2008 in dedication to their brother Dageth. Their uncompromising dedication to the black metal underground has kept their flames burning for several years now. Their first three releases "Thy Legions Reign Over Christendom" demo, "Dirge of Death's Silence" their first full length on Baphomet /Necropolis, and 2003's "Continuance of Evil" carved a distinctive niche for them in the USBM scene. They need not fall victims to superficial trends or flashy gimmicks as their goal has always been to play dark, artistic compositions until their last breaths! Unfortunately that is exactly what happened for one of their founding members. In early 2005 Dageth (guitar/vocals) was tragically taken from them in a horrific traffic accident. The final album that was written with Dageth has been recorded and dedicated to him and his quest to bring the blackest and most evil music possible upon this world. The final opus is entitled "Black Faith Inquisition" and is available through Black Flame Records and Moribund Records.