Intestine Baalism - Biography




In 1991, Intestine Baalism was formed in the suburbs of Tokyo, Japan by Seiji Kakuzak and other local musicians.

They started as a thrash metal band, but soon changed their style to true death metal and began playing at local clubs in Tokyo. Intestine Baalism's first milestone was the release of demo The Energumenus in 1994, which quickly sold over 500 copies. Encouraged by the good response to the demo, Intestine Baalism got an album deal, and in 1997, their first album, An Anatomy Of The Beast, was released by Repulse Records. An Anatomy Of The Beast was lauded by underground metalheads around the world.

However, Intestine Baalism were forced to stop due to an unstable line-up and other unexpected troubles. After a long silence, they came back to the death metal scene in 2003 with their 2nd album, Banquet in the Darkness, released by Blackend Records. Banquet in the Darkness and Intestine Baalism were featured and reviewed in over 50 media publications.

The band succeeded in spreading their unique death metal style with melody and aggressiveness. In their long history, the line-up of Intestine Baalism has changed quite dramatically. At various times, they have had a full-time vocalist and a third guitarist (for a short time, they performed live with triple guitars) but by the recording of the 3rd album, the line-up became fixed to the current members. Ultimate Instinct was recorded in 2007-2008. This is a concept album, the ideas for which took Seiji a great amount of effort to create and develop.

(Source: No-Colours-Records, 28.2.2015)