Voodoo Circle - Biography



Hard Rock fans all around the world will be amazed by this new band: Voodoo Circle! Founded by Silent Force mastermind Alex Beyrodt, who had the idea to re-think his personal vision for quite some time already, more than 25 new songs have been written since then. His outstanding songwriting- and instrumental skills made Alex a highly respected musician among collegues and secured him an ever-growing worldwide fan base. In Japan (where quality is still the most important aspect) he is hailed as a "guitar hero" and the influence of legendary bands like Rainbow and Deep Purple can be recognised in his charismatic way of playing. As a master following the tradition of all-time-greats like Ritchie Blackmore and Yngwie J. Malmsteen, also Alex is able to make a song something special. He simply has "it". The next step for Alex was to build a line-up that has the abilities to share his vision and perform in an authentic way. His goal was to gather 5 great musicians in the end, who even could amaze a crowd all alone, but now work together as a unique team.

"The great bands of the 70's achieved their best ideas by extensive jam sessions and had the ability to express something really strong with their music. Nowadays it seems that both this way of creating music and the ability got lost. Now Voodoo Circle is my way to follow this ideal. Back to the vintage sounds, back to extensive, passionate jam sessions of great musicians and sweaty live gigs that are nothing but pure delight in playing." (Alex Beyrodt)

The foundation of what later became Voodoo Circle came alive in Spring 2008 and shortly after the idea was born, Alex built collected a high-class, international line-up.
Englishman David Readman (known from Pink Cream 69), one of the best Hard Rock singers of our time, is handling the vocal part in Voodoo Circle. Readman's characteristic voice is the perfect expression of the Voodoo Circle vibes.

As bass player Alex' longtime-friend, metal hero Mat Sinner, joined the band. Mat has founded two of Germany's most important Rock- & Metal bands in Primal Fear and Sinner, both worldwide successful and busily touring these days. Now Mat has another high-class band to run in Voodoo Circle, who on the other hand will gain of one of the most respected bassists to the group's ranks.

Another band member comes from the UK in drummer extraordinaire Mr. Mel Gaynor from the Simple Minds. Mel is not a stranger to guitar based music, as he played with Gary Moore and Brian May! Mel underlines his exceptional status among today's drummers with his impressive performance on the Voodoo Circle album once more.
Keyboardist Jimmy Kresic is Germany's best booked studio keyboardist, specialist of Hammond organs and right now works with the likes of Steve Lukather (Toto) and Jordan Ruddess (Dream Theater) on a new project.

Voodoo Circle are one of just a few band who combine musical creativity, individuality and team spirit, without losing sight of the songs. Virtuosity, adapted with atmosphere, passion and intensity is the key for the outstanding result that the German/British band has achieved with their debut album.

Doogie White (Rainbow, Yngwie Malmsteen), Rudi Sarzo (Ozzy Osbourne, Dio, Whitesnake), Norifumi Shima (Concerto Moon) and Richard Andersson (Majestic, Space Odyssey) are some of the many top musicians who wanted to contribute to the fabulous Voodoo Circle debut, and so they did. The mix of the album was done by Dennis Ward. On December 5th "Voodoo Circle" will be in stores. The charismatic musicians take you right to the pulsating heart of Hard Rock. Fans of the "grandmasters" like Rainbow, Black Sabbath, Yngwie malmsteen, but also supporters of Silent Force, Pink Cream 69 and Sinner will be totally amazed!
It's time, that this great new band will bring their music to where it belongs - the stage. Note for Spring 2009: "Ladies & Gentleman, please welcome on stage - Voodoo Circle!"

(source: http://www.voodoocircle.com)