Vox Tempus - Biography


The members of Vox Tempus first found each other January of 1997, as members of the progressive rock band Equinox. The band was in the midst of promoting their successful worldwide debut, COLOR OF THE TIME, which had reached the top 20 in Europe and Japan, and received airplay in over 40 countries. During recording session for a follow-up release, the lineup splintered, and guitarist Ray Mantor, and bassist Jim Turba in addition of their former drummer continued writing songs as a trio. For the time being, the band continued on as Equinox.

At the end of the summer of 1998, the band was introduced to a keyboard player named Eric Ragno - a New Jersey native now residing in Los Angeles. Eric has played keyboards with many of hard rock's musical legends, and as a member of Takara, was finishing up an album with them when he heard that the band was in search of a keyboard player for their upcoming album. Being mutual fans of each others' work, the two Erics got together to discuss how they might work together.
Thanks to technology, Ragno was able to begin working on parts for the album by using MP3 files that the band would send him. Eric's musical contributions served to solidify the band's new sound.
As the songs were written and recorded for the new album, the band went through several vocalists. Finally, after going through over a hundred submissions from throughout North America, the group finally settled on Dan Reed. His voice is colored with many diffenent influences - though he truly has a unique sound that's all his own.

In late 2002, during the tail end of the mixing process, the first drummer chose to part ways with the band. In light of this, the band changed their name to Vox Tempus. To date, the current line up of Vox Tempus is Ray Mantor (guitar), Jim Turba (bass), Eric Ragno (keyboards), and Dan Reed (vocals). A new album is slated to be released early next year, featuring the following titles (so far): Revelations; Escape From Within; What About; and This Arena. The band is writing some additional music to round out the album, with sound clips to be posted as they become available.

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