Hyubris - Biography




1998 - It all started as an adventure called "Lupakajojo", the first letters of Lulla, Panda, Kaiser, Jorge e João. Together, they explored heavy-metal sonorities, which would become the author's edition of a CD called Time For A Change.

2001 - It was definitively a time of change and Hyubris were born after the entrance of Filipa, who replaced Kaiser on vocals, introducing at the same time a new instrument in the band: the flute. Forthcoming times are decisive to outline a new path to follow, either at a music level or a structural level.

2002 - Hyubris hit the road and shine on participations at the "Festa do Avante" (Youth Stage); Festival "Brenha'rder", in Figueira da Foz; "Festas de S. Mateus", in Soure; 8th Bands Competition of Palmela; 3rd Show of Modern Music, in Paleão (1st place); Festival "Bandas de Garagem", in Bemposta - Abrantes (1st place). Before the end of the year, Hyubris go in a studio and record Desafio (Challenge) - a demo-CD with four of the many songs they had written so far.

2003 - After an invitation of Radio Antena Livre, Hyubris are presented as a revelation band at the 1st Gala Antena Livre - City of Abrantes. Until the end of the year, the band travels the country playing from north to south and the first participations on tv shows happen. The Municipality of Abrantes helps the band and, after its invitation, Hyubris make the public presentation to the region on the 20th September 2003, at a memorable show in a magic place as the Convent of S. Domingos (Abrantes) is. Here, they presented their show Desafio, which confirmed that, in the end, not all was there to be invented. The region's press said then Hyubris are the biggest cultural event of 2003."

January 2004 - Their birthplace grants them an award at the 5th Gala of Culture and Sports of the Parish of Tramagal, in the category of music, as a recognition for the work developed. And Hyubris still pursue their challenge to the Gods...