Mumakil - Biography



Geneva - year 2004, 4 guys unite their strength to create a new war machine. Jerome (Nostromo, guitars) and Jeremy (Knut, bass) are motivated in playing together a brutal and in-your-face grindcore/death-metal. Basically, the main idea is to have fun and to play without any stress. Thomas (Sumpfucking, vocals) and Seb (Deceit, drums) join the army and Mumakil create their first songs in June 2004.

In November, Mumakil play their first show in Geneva, opening for Blockheads (from France) and grindcore heroes Nasum (from Örebro, Sweden). This concert is a total success. After that, Mumakil record their first demo in January 2005 in Jerome's home-studio (aka Terrier 5) in Geneva.

The year 2005 is characterized by the rise of Mumakil in the grindcore and metal scene in Europe. The Demo 2005 is available on Mumakil website (for free), and hundreds of freaks download it every month. Mumakil creates also its own Myspace page, and receive every day positive comments and encouragements. Mumakil play a few concerts this year and almost get on their first tour, in October across France (with Lost Sphere Project from Geneva as support). This tour makes it possible for Mumakil to be really known in France.

From January to March 2006, Mumakil get in Jerome's studio to record their 1st album : "Customized Warfare". 32 tracks of straight, tight, brutal grindcore. The album is mixed by Jerome in April. Then Mumakil send the CD in Sweden, where it's masterised by Thomas Eberger at the Cutting Room, in Solna.

Mumakil concluded a deal with the Greek label Blast Beat Mailmurder to re-edit the 1st demo as a 7" (the "Stop Whining" EP).

In summer 2006, Mumakil play at the Obscene Extreme Festival, in Trutnov (Czech Republic) with more than 50 grind and death-metal bands. Mumakil also play at the famous Mountains of Death Festival in Muotathal (Switzerland) in August 2006 with bands like Suffocation (USA), Wasteform (USA), Rotten Sound (Finland), or Disavowed (NL).

Mumakil released Customized Warfare as their 1st full-length on Overcome Records in October 2006. After that, they get on tour with Blockheads, from 19th to 28th October, in France.

2007: Mumakil continue to tour in France & Switzerland and leave to England for their very first UK TOUR (March 2007). This is a great experience for the band. (During this tour, Mumakil opened for "Carving Europe Tour 200" w/ Necrophagist, Misery Index, Disrkeet, Origin, in Leeds).

After that, their label Overcome Records must cease its activities due to any structural and financial problems. Then Mumakil signs a deal with the Canadian label Caustic Rhythm (Prodisk) in order to repress the album and tour in Canada / USA in the future.

On 22nd June 2007, Mumakil plays at HELLFEST Festival in Nantes/Clisson with other metal giants like Slayer, Megadeth, Napalm Death, Emperor, Neurosis & more.

Then Mumakil get back in studio to record several new songs which will appear on 3 new splits:
split w/ Misery Index "Ruling Class Canceled" (on Power-it-up records)
split w/ Inhume "Slimewave Series N°6" (on Relapse records)
split w/ Blockheads "Night of the grinding dead" (Bones Brigade records)

Several shows in autumn and winter 2007

2008 : After touring in Italy and Spain (February - March 2008) Mumakil conclude a deal with Relapse Records to release their next album.