Ørkenkjøtt - Biography




Ørkenkjøtt are an experimental extreme metal band from Notodden, Norway, formed in 2005. Since the band's beginning, several different members have come and gone until the current line-up of Mikael (vocals), Simen (guitar/vocals), Christian (guitar), Håkon (bass), and Arne (drums) was decided on.

Critics have compared Ørkenkjøtt's music to bands such as Opeth and Enslaved. Though the band members are still young, they are experienced and daring musicians. Proud of their roots in the legendary black metal scene of Notodden, Telemark (Emperor, Mortiis, Zyklon), the upcoming band are determined to be as innovative as their forerunners and eager to explore new paths in extreme metal. To date the band has self-released two EPs, Høst (2007) and Skygger Og Støv (2009).

The band worked their way into a live booking contract with St. Andrew Productions, announced in early 2010, after which the band confirmed the recording of their full-length debut was under way.