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Like a heavy hammer onto anvil, down from Ether's starry meadows, the sounds of ASTRA are engulfing this planet Earth. With their heads floating in the mist of Europe's original psychedelic and progressive eras, ASTRA make timeless music for timeless minds. Their approach is genuine and heartfelt - focusing on melody, symphonic landscapes, cosmic atmospheres as well as raw energy, dynamics and space travel. ASTRA began their space odyssey under the winter sun of San Diego, CA in the year 2001. With the joining of new drummer/multi-instrumentalist David Hurley in 2006 and the recent addition of guitar wizard Brian Ellis, the planets aligned and ASTRA was complete.

Already making a name for themselves on the West Coast, they've shared the stage with such like-minded and diverse acts as Dungen, Pentagram, Orange Goblin, Winter Flowers, Witchcraft, Jennifer Gentle, Bigelf, Saint Etienne, Clutch, The Entrance Band, Titan, RTX, The Black Keys, The Sunshine Fix, All Night Radio, Green Milk From the Planet Orange, DMBQ and of course their good friends and San Diegan brethren Earthless - to name a few.

ASTRA released their debut album entitled The Weirding on Rise Above Records on May 25 in the UK and on June 23 in the US on Metal Blade.