Kadavar (ITA) - Biography




The Kadavar officially born in January 2007, forming from the ashes of "Bleeding Eyes", with Lorenzo Bidoli and Luka Colucci, already thrash metal players. They moved to a more death metal old school sound, debtors of groups such as Morbid Angel, Obituary, Carcass and Death. With a solid repertoire behind, after only two months to review the material, entered in Milan Love Centers Studios to record their first Demo, Modern Human Vision Of Madness. Subsequently, the band was at Iced Tears Festival where presented the new demo enjoying great success. In the same month Stefano Venir is removed and replaced by Luca Braggion, on lead guitar. The band is inserted into Torment compilation along with bands like MGC, Esequie, Agony Face and others. In December 2007 there is a new change of line up, Filippo Mantovani was replaced on drums by Davide Bacchetta. With this line up recorded the EP "Conjuring The Void" in Kaomao Studios (Milan). It receives good reviews from magazines (like Metal Maniac), and after a few months they record "Kadavar", the debut album, mixed in the 16th Cellar Studio in Rome. In late March, the album is released officially, announced by two new tracks posted on MySpace page. In April 2009, Davide left the band for personal reasons, and the band decided to split up.