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Xerath is a progressive metal band from Basingstoke, England, that mixes extreme-sounding ingredients of thrash and death metal with symphonic orchestrations and high-brow lyrics inspired by scientific, philosophical, and theological subjects.

In fact, when Xerath was first conceived in 2007, the goal of founding members, guitarist Andy Phillips, bassist/guitarist Owain Williams, and drummer Michael Pitman, was to fuse film scoring with syncopated rhythms and brutal guitar sounds somewhat akin to Sweden's Meshuggah.

The resulting demos helped Xerath win Terrorizer Magazine's "Best Unsigned Band" award that same year (as voted by readers), and ultimately led to a deal with Candlelight Records, which has since released the band's spartan-named albums, I and II, to generally positive critical responses. Amid these accomplishments, founding guitarist Phillips departed and Xerath expanded its lineup with vocalist Richard Thomson and bassist Christopher Clark.

(Source: Myspace, 21.1.2015)

III ushers in a new and undeniable voice in British heavy metal. Boasting fourteen tracks and seventy minutes of unrelenting groove and power from start to finish, as well as healthy doses of virtuoso musicianship and technical prowess. III once again mixed and mastered by Jacob Hansen is a further refinement of its successful predecessor II. Heavy focus remains on pinpoint riffs and expansive, catchy melodies in equal measures. With the addition of a string quartet, the band is continuing to expand its sonic complexity and has delivered their most ambitious and mature sounding album to date.

III also marks the addition of respected Irish guitarist Conor McGouran to the fold. Conor had this to say upon joining the band.

From I , to II , to III , Xerath has been dedicated to ensuring every release is different and ultimately a greater achievement than the previous. III is a pure statement of intent to show the world once again what UK progressive metal has to offer.

(Source: Facebook, 21.1.2015)