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Paragon Of Beauty - Biography


Paragon Of Beauty was formed in 1994 with another name (Flower On Her Grave). They rehearsed a lot to improve their musical skills, wrote a pile of songs, but - not good enough to be presented to the audience.
Full of dreams and visions they changed the name into Paragon Of Beauty and released their first demotape. "Starwoven", so the title of that horribly sounding six track tape was recorded in 1996. It was the work of fucking amateurs, so to say.

Even in the same year they recorded their second demo tape "Snowfall Summerdream", including four new songs. The sound was much better, although everything still was beyond good and evil. Then they played their first live gigs in the vicinity and slowly they were also looking for a record deal.

In 1997 Martin Koller, the chief of the new founded label Prophecy Productions, gave them an opportunity and they didn't hesitate to sign a contract about two albums.

After releasing the 7" Wundenozean in late 1997 they recorded their debut album "The Spring" which contained 8 songs and a special limited edition including the book "Die Mondsonnenwiege" which was written by Christian Seibert and Markus Baltes.

In early 1999 they recorded the Mcd "Seraphine...far gone gleam" and after many delays it was released in the first half of 2000.

After recording their latest album "Comfort me, infinity" in 2001 they earned very good reviews and played some cool gigs with bands like In Flames, The Vision Bleak or Dornenreich. Unfortunately a lot of problems forced them to lay the band on ice for an unknown time. They didn't even knew if they ever would record a new album.

Paragon Of Beauty is sleeping now for 100 years.

(Source: MySpace)