Sylosis - Biography




Every generation of Metal bands has its pioneers - groups that re-define the genre musically and take it to a new level. Sylosis is one of them! It's not for nothing that the quartet from Reading, England has been considered as UK's greatest Metal export. Now the boys return with their second metallic gem Edge Of The Earth.

Since the release of their debut album Conclusion Of An Age in late 2008, Sylosis have acquired a respectable global fan base and were able to prove their live skills playing with bands such as DragonForce, As I Lay Dying, Fear Factory or The Black Dahlia Murder as well as on big festival stages of Download, Sonisphere and Graspop. After a slight line-up alteration of lead guitarist Josh Middleton henceforth taking the front man role as well, Sylosis present their most intense, vigorous and ambitious material to date. Edge Of The Earth is overflowing with devastating riffs, thrilling melodies, soulful solos, progressive twists and turns and an ubiquitous dark atmosphere. The productional part was done once again by fellow-countryman Scott Atkins who aimed for a more earthy sound this time, as Middleton states:

"We didn't want this album to be quite as polished as the last. We put emphasis on playing with more aggression or feel instead of going for perfection. We've all grown tired of hearing metal albums that sound like they're played by computers. The best way to make something sound heavy is to let the human - and sometimes ugly - elements shine through."

It is most notable that the foursomes' work gained a lot of maturity by showing more progressive tendencies without losing the tiniest bit of what fans expect Sylosis to sound like. The front man explains: "We've been inspired by more progressive artists on this album, from bands such as Rush and Pink Floyd through to Neurosis and Cult Of Luna. Obviously old school Thrash is still the foundation of our sound and it's our heaviest music to date but we also want to go deeper than most metal bands."

Lyrically, Edge Of The Earth lives up its name by narrating a story of isolation, confusion and the passing of time. Middleton sums up:

"We wanted to emphasize that the album should be seen as one piece, not just a collection of random songs. Having the lyrics tell a story really helped to create a musical journey that essentially deals with a man living in complete isolation for a lifetime. However, for the time being we're not going into much detail as to why, so people can come up with own interpretations. Though the story is fictional a lot of the subject matter does have a personal meaning. Some of the lyrics double as a metaphor for my own experiences such as having problems with insomnia or spending a lot of time on my own."

When it comes to intensity, Edge Of The Earth undoubtedly is an album without equal!