Elffor - Biography

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Elffor is a Medieval Black Ambient band from Basque Country, counting 1 member: Eöl

The obsessión with creating Dark and Medieval music, inspired by the mysterious and ancestral echoes of desolate landscapes made Elffor come alive at the end of 1995.

In September 1998, a 7-track CD entitled "Into the dark forest..." is finally released and self produced at Suffering Studios.

In September 2002, a 8-track CD entitled "Son of the shades" is released and self produced at Tala Studios.

During summer 2004, ELFFOR records the third album, entitled "From the throne of hate" as a CD format which was mixed and mastered at Liant Studios.

In winter 2005, after some months of agony and work, a 8-track CD entitled "Unblessed Woods" is finally released and self produced format at Liant Studios.

During year 2006, german label NORTHERN SILENCE PRODUCTIONS contacted ELFFOR showing big interest in the band, and after some talking, an agreement was done, and the label re-released the 4 albums between 2006 and 2009 in different formats.

(Source: http://www.elffor.com/history.htm)