Obtained Enslavement - Biography


This is generally regarded as their main logo as it appears on "Witchcraft" (arguably their most well known and notable album), but a different variation appears in "Soulblight" and regular text on "The Shepherd And The Hounds Of Hell".

Original logo appearing on demos and debut "Centuries Of Sorrow".


Obtained Enslavement was undoubtedly the same way that Emperor , one of the pioneers of Black Metal Symphony.

Originally founded in 1989 by Pest, one of the first and current vocalist of Gorgoroth , Døden guitarist, and drummer Torquemada, the group then practised a Death Metal of the most conventional.
Joined in 1992 by the second guitarist Heks also charged synths, it changes direction, turning to his second trial and on his first album in a rather dark Black Metal at its very necro. The former bassist-keyboardist of Aeternus Morrigan will later complete the line-up, giving the appearance undeniably orchestral and fleshing out his keyboard parts under the direction of Heks.

Together in order to compose music very extreme, exploiting the symphonic aspect, but pushing further the combination of lyricism and violence, the group exposed to the face of the world doubled Witchcraft (1997) and Soulblight (1998) .

These two works are complementary parts unique and timeless in the history of extreme music.
One feature that greatly contributed to the identity outside the norm of Obtained Enslavement is the use of keyboards, not bunched but played in arpeggios, contrary to what he was accustomed to hearing in most other formations.

After the departure of Morrigan, the group abandoned the symphonic side on his latest album The Shepherd and the Hounds of Hell in 2000, much more focused on power and melody of the guitars

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