Spidkilz - Biography




Elisa "Over", after the split from White Skull, starts searching for members in order to found her own band, called SPIDKILZ, a project she was already thinking about, since some time.
At the end of august all the members have joined the band, rehearsals and composition of the new songs get started soon, and the project gets ready to strafe! In January 2011 the band enters the rehearsal room to put the finishing touches to the first 5 songs.
In April Spidkilz quickly records the "Ultra Demo" in 5 days: a demo CD with 5 tracks to present the musical project, and the CD will be published on May, 4th.
During the same month the band starts the live shows and it's actually planning gigs, also keeping the composition of the new songs for the next CD realease.

On September 2011 the french label Infernö Records re-releases The Ultra Demo on pro-cassette format, limited to 100 copies for die-hard metal maniacs, actually sold out. Later, the cilean label CANOMETAL represses the demo in tape format, and you can still find it writing directly to the label

At the beginning of 2012, a couple of line-up changes (guitar and bass) have been necessary, then the band has finished the composition of the last songs which will form its first EP ("Balance Of Terror"), recorded in november at the Dracma Studios in Turin, and that will be released at the beginning of 2013 by L.A. Riot Survivor Records (Rome). Spidkilz also keeps playing live gigs to promote the project.

Source: http://www.spidkilz.com/