Fractal Gates - Biography



In 2005 Stéphane Peudupin and Sebastien Pierre both of French doom act Inborn Suffering decided to create a band that emphasised more on rock , Scandinavian metal, catchy tunes. "Mislead" was born. The band has been active 2 years and then disbanded because of various reasons in 2007.

in August 2007 Stéphane Peudupin and Sébastien Pierre decided to create a new band built on the ashes of "Mislead". They decided to change the focus and style of the band and rename it according to their beliefs. After some line-up changes, Fractal Gates found a solid formation with Antoine Verdier on bass guitar, Arnaud Hoarau on the rhythmic guitar,Vivien Dumont on drums, Sebastien Pierre on the vocals and Stéphane Peudupin on lead guitars.

This marks the birth of Fractal Gates, Metal and Dark Rock with grooved catchy tunes and screams. The band emphasises mainly on extra terrestrial life forms, ancient civilisations, planets, esoterism, science fiction etc .. Energy could be what describes best Fractal Gates's music.

The band released a 4 title demo CD end 2007 which received surprisingly good response over the world and that greatly motivated them to compose more songs. Fractal Gates has then been very much inspired during the composition process and in 4 months they had all the material ready for a full length CD.

In August 2008, the band entered the Hybreed studio and recorded and mixed the songs with Andrew Guillotin (7th Nemesis, Glorior Belli, Carnal Lust, Temple of Baal …). The result was very satisfying for the band, they then decided to master the works at Jacob Hansen's studio (Volbeat, Pestilence, Deadlock …). The result is 50 mn of explosive energetic metal of the debut CD entitled "Altered State of Consciousness" (due to be released in 2009).

Fractal Gates now prepares material for a 2nd CD and for future concerts in France and Europe…