Astra - Biography

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Astra started back in 2001 in Rome as an instrumental project. At first, the band was made up of 4 elements - 3 of which (the keyboard, bass and guitar players) still are in the current line-up.

The goal was to compose original tracks, but in order to reach the positive interplay a band does need, the guys started playing some covers from a band they all love - Dream Theater. So it dawned on them they were in the need for a singer.

After several line up changes - 2 singers and one drummer dismissed, they reached the current line up.

From the beginning up to now the band has accomplished to win the first Italian Official Dream Theater Tribute Band Contest - called by the Italian Dreamers in May 2002, as well as to be touring Italy's clubs. In particular, they performed featuring Jordan Rudess - keyboardist for Dream Theater, at the fan club's 10-year party.

Besides the Dream Theater cover demo "Scenes from a Dream" - which gained them to win the Contest, the guys recorded a 3 previously unreleased track demo in May 2004 and another 3 previously unreleased track one in September 2005.

In the end of December 2005 Astra got back to the studio to record their first album ever. The album was released in August 2006 and it's called "ABOUT ME: through life and beyond". It has been released by a greek label, the Burning Star Records, also thanks to the Chiara Pellegrini Agency.

The band started to perform around Italy, Greece and Switzerland to promote the album and the feedback from magazines and webzines was good.

In the end of December 2008 Astra start to record the new material composed during the last year and finally in February 2009 "From Within" is released through Lion Music/Frontiers. They played an awesome gig as background band for Andre' Matos in January at the Peocio (Trofarello).