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EVILDEAD was formed in 1987, by guitarist JUAN GARCIA (AGENT STEEL, ABATTOIR), and bassist MEL SANCHEZ (ABATTOIR); along with drummer ROB ALANIZ. The intention of the project was to create distinctive music in the thrash metal vein with more attitude than their previous metal offerings. The EVILDEAD line up was completed with temporary lead guitarist MARK CARO from ABATTOIR. EVILDEAD's debut live appearance occurred on April 11, 1987 at Fender's Ballroom in Long Beach, California on a bill that also featured CRYPTIC SLAUGHTER, DARK ANGEL, and POSSESSED. Soon after the band entered the recording studio to track their classic 3-song demo; featuring the songs "The Awakening", "Sloe-Death", and "Process: Elimination". The EVILDEAD sound was unique for the time; highlighting a blend of speed/thrash metal guitar riffs, punk overtones along with hyper drumming locked in with an over the top thundering bass attack, and lyrical themes that explored political, thought provoking social ideas; mixed with horror and nuclear war themes. The band members named their new project after Sam Raimi's shocking horror film "THE EVIL DEAD".
In 1988, EVILDEAD signed a worldwide recording contract with Steamhammer/SPV Records and recruited lead guitar virtuoso ALBERT GONZALES to replace MARK CARO; in the same year a mini album entitled "RISE ABOVE" (featuring 2 original tracks; along with a cover version of the BLACK FLAG anthem "Rise Above") was unleashed. EVILDEAD's "RISE ABOVE" Ep was made available in United States through ROADRUNNER RECORDS; the Ep generated a strong underground buzz with lots of radio airplay and media support creating a strong fan base. In the summer of 1988, EVILDEAD entered Music Grinder recording studios with Producer/Engineer Casey McMackin (NUCLEAR ASSAULT, KREATOR) to record their debut full-length album ANNIHILATION OF CIVILIZATION for SPV. A promotional video was launched for the title track, and it received video airplay on MTV's Headbanger's Ball to much interest.
EVILDEAD had some member changes before their first overseas tour; however the group made its maiden voyage to Europe and completed successful live appearances in new territories along side co-headliners LAAZ ROCKIT. In 1990; the new lineup returned to the recording studio with producer Warren Croyle to track their second studio album entitled THE UNDERWORLD; also released by STEAMHAMMER/SPV in 1991 to rave reviews even though it attributed a more refined metal sound. The album featured a cover version of the SCORPIONS "He's a Woman/She's A man" with guest appearance by vocalist and metal legend DAVID WAYNE (METAL CHURCH). EVILDEAD unleashed their last and final offering with tracks taken from live shows entitled "LIVE…FROM THE DEPTHS OF THE UNDERWORLD." Due to internal differences the band disbanded in 1992.
Fast-forward to 2009 and the revival/resurgence of thrash metal; EVILDEAD has been generating strong interest with constant inquires, and demands to reform for live appearances. This strong request has led to the original band members regrouping in October 2009 and rehearsing for the very first time as a band in 20 years. The classic line up features original drummer ROB ALANIZ, along with original guitarist JUAN GARCIA, original bassist MEL SANCHEZ, and the original lead guitar wizardry of ALBERT GONZALES. A hunt for a new vocalist is in the works for future live appearances in 2010. The re-awakening of EVILDEAD has officially manifested; more powerful than before, re-designed to annihilate for the masses.

(Source: http://www.myspace.com/evildeadofficial)